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If you’re feeling stuck and deeply unsatisfied in your life, chances are, you’re living in the wrong “story of happiness”. Probably one fed to you by society, family, and culture, that shoved you into a role that puts you last and doesn’t match up with the innate genius that makes you YOU.

And maybe you’ve known for a while that something’s not right, but you can’t figure it out. So you push it aside and carry on, looking for things to plug up the cavernous inner void that plagues you like an all-consuming desire to scratch an itch that’s not actually there. 

You need to be freed, but from what, you don’t know. 

Welcome to the invisible world of constructs, patterns, and structures, aka, the roots of dysfunction that keep you feeling blocked.

The Path Of Disconnection

HI, I’M RIKKI LEE. A coach, teacher, and mentor to women who feel stuck in their lives, tethered to the pain and suffering that comes from years of feeling disconnected. Disconnected from who they are, from their true life purpose, and from the deep wisdom of their own hearts.

They say that those who have suffered understand suffering and so extend their hand to those who need it. I’ve walked the path of disconnection and confusion and know what it is to experience deep internal pain. I’ve met my demons and made peace with them and I want you to know, I can help you on this journey.

It happened to me when I was in my 30s: after white-knuckling through years of trying to thrive in a story of happiness that was written by literally, everyone but me, I crashed into the apex of what felt like hell.

In a matter of days, I was thrust from living life as usual to being a divorced single mother and sole provider who was reeling from emotional trauma. In the days and months that followed, I became more and more exhausted as I worked tirelessly to continue living in a story of happiness that was slowly sucking the life out of me. 

I felt empty, detached, and utterly depressed. It’s like Life was kicking my ass to show me what I couldn’t see on my own; that being a high achiever could never equate to happiness and fulfillment as long as my achievements were based on external ideas and constructs.

Lucky for me, I was neck-deep in a 2-year Clinical Integration Course on Five Element philosophy led by a very wise teacher. Upon becoming familiar with my struggles and ailments (depression, insomnia, hopelessness, hair loss, exhaustion), he laid it out for me…

"The pride around your heart is choking you to death."

False pride – trying to compensate for my feelings of inadequacy via seeking approval through my achievements – was taking me down a path that led further and further away from myself and deep into the despair of feeling trapped by life.

As a practitioner of the Five Elements, my work involves helping my clients free themselves from the confines and structures that keep them stagnant, and having gone through the process myself, I’ve blazed the path for you and can be your guide.


The goal of my work is to empower the individual.

Imagine having the ability to both see the root of your dysfunction and to rectify it. That’s the liberation we’re after.

In my work, I’ve found that sometimes, the hardest truths act as the greatest catalysts for clarity. Though uncomfortable, it’s really a gift because clarity illuminates the path to freedom. When my teacher dropped that pride-around-your-heart truth bomb, it was the fork in the road I’d been waiting for and the beginning of my return to wholeness. 

As I began the hard work of identifying and deconstructing the patterns and constructs that were controlling me, I began to experience more freedom. Life went from a narrow, deeply grooved path to a tributary of choice leading me to my highest potential.

For many of us, this moment of clarity only comes after years of grinding ourselves into a miserable state, exhausted from trying to shove our lives into a “perfect” box. We become adept at living up to everybody else’s standards, totally unaware that we’re letting the wrong things dictate our value.

And then, to truly change, we must plunge into the depths of our hearts and peel back the layers of protection or bitterness that give us the illusion of control. It is here that we come to understand that no amount of external control will ever be a replacement for the safety that lies within our own hearts.

Our work together is specifically designed to shed light on the truth of your life, gently catalyzing your moment of clarity and freeing you from a role that isn’t really you in a story that’s not really yours. 

Now’s the time to choose YOU, because every time you put yourself first, you move deeper into your heart until finally, you’re restored to wholeness and feeling like more like yourself than ever before. 

“At forty three I was at the height of an emotional crisis. I tried everything I could think of and nothing was working. Within three weeks of working with her, I could finally see not only the “what” that was causing me pain but the “how” that habit was hurting several areas of my life. Throughout the two years that I’ve been working with her I’ve been able to work through my resistance and did a 180°. I highly recommend her to all of my friends. She’s the only person who was able to uncover the larger picture for me. If you’re on the fence, all I can say is DO IT!”

"She is Mother Earth, a touch of drill sergeant,
and a little bit of fairy dust.”



• My personality lives at the intersection of straight up with no twist and compassionate, caring, and funny; I’ll always tell you the truth but deliver it in a manner that’s soft and safe

• If pressed, I would cut off an appendage of little import for damn good chocolate

• I think much of the coaching industry bypasses the core work that has to come before anything else… the lure of mindset work is tempting but incomplete if the roots to your branches aren’t healthy and strong

• I’m an artist to the core; pottery and painting are my go-to’s for the sheer satisfaction and beauty of expression

• My inner riot grrrl identity (questioning the norms, always seeking the truth, seeing the world through a different lens) is alive and well despite my suburban appearance