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When our freedom is dependent on another being chained, our freedom is conditional. Conditional freedom is the illusion of freedom without the act of freedom.

I stand in solidarity with Women, BIPOC and LGBTQ communities and commit to standing up against oppression and actively advocating for social and racial justice, accountability, transparency, and equality. I am committed to advocating for these things through non-violence,  for the liberation of love, and for an embrace of wholeness.

As an ally, I hold the belief that racial and social justice can be achieved in one generation: THIS ONE. And as a teacher, I am committed to building this into my course materials as well as teaching these subjects head-on.

As an individual, I am committed to examining my own implicit bias’ and doing the work to become more conscious of them. I am also committed to having difficult conversations from a place of warmth and receptivity that allow for other perspectives and points of view to be brought into my awareness and understanding.

As an ally, I vow to step in and take action when I see you are in need of safety. It is in togetherness that we have the power to create safety and it is in togetherness that we have the power to prevent more trauma.

As an advocate, I am committed to calling in those who oppose allyship and vow to engage in difficult or complex conversations with curiosity and love.

Lastly, I openly support the following groups or organizations: Stop AAPI Hate, GLAAD, PFLAG, Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, Girls Inc., Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and NARF.