Talking To People About Your Trauma

How To Talk To People About Your Trauma

Trauma isn’t only about what happened to you, it’s very much about how it is stored in your body, mind and spirit and how you carry it forward in life. Any time your energy is disrupted and you’re unable to sort it back out on your own…. That’s trauma. Healing trauma is deep and extensive work that takes gumption and courage and most of us require support from our friends and family that’s gentle, compassionate, and empathetic. Have you ever spilled your guts to another human about your trauma? About how it’s affecting you, how you’re dealing with it, and

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Rikki Lee is a teacher of Integral Consciousness and the Five Elements. Through her mentorship programs she helps women overcome PTSD and Trauma and come into alignment with themselves. Rikki is deeply dedicated to liberating an entire generation of women from the constructs that cause them pain and keep them stuck.

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Feeble Boundaries

Feeble boundaries are timid, unclear and are stated so gently that they seem as if they are passive suggestions. They are an attempt to remain

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