Embodying Trauma vs. Our Body

One of the first coping mechanisms we have to any trauma is to cut relationship to part of ourselves to lessen the impact.
With trauma that has a physical impact the circulatory system can shut down. This is often portrayed in movies as “passing out.”
With sexual trauma we can abandon our heart to insure we are using the logic in our head to keep us “safe.”
In eating disorders we can objectify our body from the neck down and ignore the relationship to bodily sensations we experience.
Each of the things I’ve listed (there are many more) create an impartial relationship to ourselves.
We are often scared to look in and so we look out. We go from rabbit hole to rabbit hole looking to for “the answer” but twenty years later still seek healing.
It is a radical act to look at the parts of ourselves that house our pain
To bring wholeness where there is duality
To change the relationship to what lives inside and consider ourselves “healed”
Do you know the parts of your body that you don’t want to have relationship to?
Need help getting there? Send me a DM.
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Rikki Lee is a teacher of Integral Consciousness and the Five Elements. Through her mentorship programs she helps women overcome PTSD and Trauma and come into alignment with themselves. Rikki is deeply dedicated to liberating an entire generation of women from the constructs that cause them pain and keep them stuck.



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