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The long and rambling guide that helps you understand

How This Stuff Actually Works…

First… A Note About Why Suffering Can Lead To More Suffering

Suffering is the external manifestation of pain, and though it’s natural to suffer, it becomes problematic when we can’t move through it. Once this happens, untreated suffering leads to more suffering, and suddenly – oh shiiiiiitake… you’re now trapped in the endless loop of despair. On any given day, you’re not sure whether you should torture yourself emotionally or throw rocks at your enemies. 

From traumatic life events to ingrained unconscious patterns, each passage in the labyrinth of your story reveals forces at work, hidden and stealth, that bind you to destructive emotions and behaviors that make you feel weak, hopeless, or worthless. 

Chronic and prolonged suffering can feel 100% hopeless, but it’s not. When you work with me you get A) a highly effective diagnostic system and B) a potent combination of modalities that will restore you to wholeness.

Want to see for yourself? Discovery calls are free and give you a chance to meet me, run your questions and/or fears by me, and find out if you’re ready to commit to working together.

Second… A Note About Why The System Is Failing You And Why I Won’t

While we’re on the subject of Ancient Chinese Secrets, this is probably a good time to tell you that what I do is more about returning you to wholeness than it is about anything else. My clients have high rates of success feeling way better because I have a curated bag of very potent, one might say, superhero-y modalities at my disposal.

Life happens, and dysfunction and imbalance exist because most of us were never given the tools to properly work through the accumulation of painful experiences that life can bring us. As a result, our whole, balanced selves get trapped under layers of debilitating grime that stifle our life force and block us from our truest selves. 

Treating something “where it hurts” isn’t always the right approach and what the health, wellness, and personal development systems of the Western World don’t quite get is that successful treatment of most human ailments involves starting with a deep dive into the interrelated (and totally inseparable) landscape of the mind-body-spirit. 

Most systems of healing would have you bypass the hard work of returning to wholeness because A) they don’t know better and B) the system is only designed to cut things out, push medication, or intervene surgically. 

When we’re aligned in mind-body-spirit, wholeness returns and imbalance recedes. It sounds simple but the process is a slow untangling that requires patience, diligence, and commitment.

The Western way of healing is impatient and any system that fails to consider the complex and connected relationship of the whole person lacks the depth and agility needed to unwind the jumbled knot of variables that cause pain and suffering to become stuck.

Still not sure? You can use your free discovery call to talk about what you’ve tried and we can look at why it didn’t work for you.

Third… A Note About The Diagnostic Process

I can’t give away all of my ACSs (Ancient Chinese Secrets), but here’s a bird’s eye view of how the diagnostic process works when you choose my coaching package…

We start with our Initial intake call which is approximately 2 hours; we dig into your life story and I go into analytical overdrive, studying the segments of your history, looking for those dysfunctional golden nuggets that lord over your life from a throne of devastation. Including, but not limited to…

  • Where you’re STUCK: what needs our attention first; mind, body, or spirit?
  • Your Element: are you Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water? This plays a huge part in how you perceive and react to the world. When your element is out of balance, nothing feels right in the world.
  • Patterns: we look for your main pattern and associated patterns and how these affect your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Ego: where are you stuck with ego and neurological development? How does this contribute to your patterns?
  • Your world view: what lenses do you see through that might need adjusting?
  • Past experiences/traumas:  we’ll look to see how these inform your patterns which can give you the ability to stop identifying as “I am my pain” and move into “I have pain, but it’s not who I am.” 

Curious to know what your element is and how it affects you? This is something we can discuss in a free discovery call. 

Fourth… A Note About The Hard Work Required
For Lasting Transformation

Once I’ve sorted out the pieces that make up your puzzle, we get into the hard work of returning to wholeness. The goal of each session and every assignment is to get you closer and closer to understanding and integrating the different parts that make up your highest and most true self.

  • Observation & Investigation: taking a close look at who you are in your unbalanced state (the patterns that run your show, how your element shows up in the way you perceive and react, how you identify with your pain and suffering, and watching to see what your ego wants to do).
  • Deconstructing Ego: challenging every belief that keeps you stuck, captive, depressed, sad, angry, etc., while continuing to remember that who you really are is yet to be revealed. My job is to remind you that, even though it might be scary, something very beautiful – the YOU without the pain – is waiting for you to find her. We’ll identify the lenses you see through and look for distortion, clouding, and haze so you can see from the seat of the neutral witness, less attached and totally liberated.
  • Deconstructing Identity: as with the Ego, identity is this thing that feels very real and fixed but is actually totally fluid and moveable. It’s made up of the values, systems, and structures you were given by parents, friends, society, and culture and can be defined as who you think you are. And, as with Ego, it’s all about the lens you see through; if your lens is clouded, you are not free.
  • Transformation begins when you are able to create distance between yourself and Ego. This gives you the ability to integrate new choices into your life while pulling you steadily up and out of the suffering.

Fifth… A Note About The Tools That Make My System So Effective

I’ve often struggled with how to tell people “what I do” in a succinct way because encapsulating the complexity of my methodology is nearly impossible. The “what I do” part is easy: I help people liberate themselves from chronic emotional pain and suffering. The “how I do it” part is where it gets tricky… 

My system pulls from over 7 different modalities of healing. I’m talking highly complex philosophies, therapies, and theories covered by thousands of pages that live in fat volumes of super-brainy textbooks. I’d love to wrap it all up in an easy-to-explain burrito and serve it up for dinner, but it’s not gonna happen.

What I can say is that these systems are all interrelated, each one curated specifically for A) its own attributes and, B) the beautiful way it plays with the others. 

In this work, because we’re addressing the holy trifecta of mind-body-spirit, each therapy I use has a specific area of expertise, adept at systematically breaking down the layers of crud that make you feel less whole. 

Our goal is to allow the messages of Spirit to prevail over Ego. We want Ego to become an object in our awareness instead of an unconscious driver of our thoughts, which allows your heart to move forward, to run your life with alignment and integrity. This is what returning to wholeness is. 

Feeling frisky and have some time? I’ve emptied the contents of my tool bag below so feel free to take to The Google and explore these philosophies, modalities, and theories as you wish.

  • Root & Branch Theory (Chinese Medicine)
  • Neuroscience/Integral Consciousness/Brain Development
  • Integral Consciousness 
  • Five Element Philosophy (Chinese Philosophy)
  • Yin-yang Theory (Chinese Philosophy)
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Ego development through integral consciousness

Last, but certainly not least, please be aware that many practitioners, coaches, etc use a form of spiritual bypassing disguised as “mindset work” which asks you to take a flying leap from “I’m a terrible human” to “I love and accept myself unconditionally” without attending to the real demons. This doesn’t work, and if it does, the effects are temporary. You can absolutely gloss over the gunk, but you definitely can’t escape it. 

The only way out of the suffering is through it and I’m here to help.