This work is about having the bravery to face yourself and the courage to
step off the beaten path and into the beautiful unknown.


In this space, emotional bypassing, pointless busywork, and the mere management of symptoms do not exist… We’re about to go down a fabulous rabbit hole where you’ll awaken to yourself and experience the magic of an authentic life gently unfold.

“Rikki identified the trauma and fear within me in our very first call. To feel loved and supported while also accountable for the new boundaries in my life was the most healing thing for me. She is gentle but strong and helped me take the right steps for my future. Without her coaching, I am pretty sure I would have stayed in a dead end career and relationship even though I didn’t want either. Working with her helped me transform my life with integrity and purpose. I am forever grateful for this woman, her kindness, her teachings and her wisdom.” -D.Q.




Feeling like your life is stuck in a painful dramatic pause? Let’s create the momentum needed to get you over the hump and onto your next big thing.

Be it career, relationships, or personal growth, identifying and aligning with your purpose and personal underlying motivators is a powerful vehicle for inspiration. We’ll forge the most efficient path from confusion and stuckness to clarity and freedom so you can move forward with confidence.

In Session I (2 hours), we complete your intake and assess your Element; are you Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water? Based on this information, we uncover the WHY behind what motivates you as a human and use this as the lever to catapult you out of your stuckness and into alignment with your purpose.

In Session II, we identify and begin to unravel the major underlying patterns that hold you to old habits that no longer serve. It’s a derailing of the most glorious variety and liberation from the deep grooves of an unfulfilled life. When we’re done, you may opt to dig in deeper with my coaching package or skip off into the sunset and enjoy your newfound freedom. 



Helping people dig themselves out of dark holes is my specialty. Whether you’re seeking answers to the way you earn, create, relate, connect, serve, love, speak, or exist, this work will give you the power to stand in the center of your integrity, rooted, aligned, and inspired.

You’re getting 12 weeks of support and full access to the wisdom I humbly hold. Powered by fierce tenacity and deep intuition, we WILL figure out what’s got you feeling stuck. This is your launch point; from here, it’s onward and upward for you. Our journey involves weekly calls coupled with personal assignments and contemplations designed to help me help you deftly dig out of the hole you feel trapped in. 

As with UNRAVELED, we start with intake and diagnostics and then move into the hard work of addressing dysfunctional or imbalanced patterns. In addition, we’re looking at the lenses that influence your view of the world and where those perspectives originate. We also explore where you’re stuck in the realm of body-mind-spirit and deftly bring you to balance. 

Our goal is to unpeel the counterproductive layers that have wrapped tightly around your authentic self, to unravel the patterns that dictate your experience, and to clean off the lenses that distort your view and reality. Under it all, there lies Spirit, guiding you to the intersection of Who You Are and Why You’re Here.



It’s common to hear “Trauma is stored in the body” but no one really shares WHERE emotions are stored in the body: Chinese Medicine has these answers!

Please join me on for a workshop on Tuesday, October 19th @7pm ET where I will teach you where emotions are stored in the body and the common symptoms that are experienced within each of the systems:
Circulatory, Endocrine, Digestive, Muscular, Respiratory and Reproductive.

The workshop will be a LIVE Zoom call which you will receive the link to the morning of October 19th. The run time will be about 1:15 minutes with time for questions at the end.

I will put up a replay on Wednesday, October 20th that will be available for five days.

Seating is limited to 100 people so register now to reserve your spot!


Navigating a break up after a long term relationship? It’s time to secure the perimeter, restore calm and move forward with confidence and ease.


Learn how to communicate clear and directive boundaries that help you find peace and live with ease.