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“I would say that whatever it is you’re going through or struggling with and if things just don’t feel good or right and you want to do the work to heal and learn and grow then you without a doubt should give Rikki’s program a shot. She will help you understand yourself on such a deeper level than you ever have. She will help you see things at a broad sense, as well as take a more granular look at your individual struggles and how to approach them. I would also say that If you’re looking for a more holistic approach between mental, emotional, and spiritual then she’s going to be a better bet than a traditional therapist. Or even in conjunction with one because she’s going to approach things so much differently. Rikki will make you feel not alone, feel heard and completely understood maybe for the first time in your life. She’s objective and she will not just point out problem areas but she will really give you the tools to empower you to cope, handle, and soothe them all on your own moving forward. When we ended our last session I felt a bit somber that we wouldn’t have our weekly meetings anymore but I also stepped back and recognized just how far I’d come from months prior. I had been in utter despair, lost and confused and by the end of our program I felt lighter, happier, more optimistic, self-assured and overall empowered to take on life in a way that would honor myself more than I ever had.”
-Andrea L., Chicago, IL
“I’ve experienced tremendous growth around ego, awareness of both self + other, self acceptance + trust, and learning to commune with my grief by leaning into it rather than historical avoidant patterning.I’ve found so much freedom moving into these spaces. Rikki’s guidance helped facilitate a depth of self inquiry I had yet to get to on my own. At times this was very difficult, painful and confronting work. Her keen sense of knowing when to nudge me a bit and when to hold space is one of her greatest gifts. She’s also an expert at cutting through the bullshit to put it frankly, which I value deeply.”
Ara G., Portland, OR
After attending therapy for years I felt that I needed more. A friend recommended me to Rikki and I cannot begin to explain how much Rikki has helped me. I was feeling like my life needed more direction and I also needed to get to the root of my issues. After the first meeting I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was almost like someone had finally shed light on what was really bothering me and what I needed to do to try to mend it. She held me accountable for things that I was emotionally putting off. I faced each “assignment” head on and I felt a release. I felt so much more focused and things seemed to come much more clear to me. As silly as it may sound, I also experienced having a conversation with God, yes GOD! It brought me such peace and serenity.
The sessions with Rikki after that experience helped lead me in a forward direction that I felt was always difficult for me. She helped push me through certain difficulties I had and made me realize things about myself that I never realized before. She has helped me in so many aspects of my life and definitely was able to get to the root of my issues. I cannot say enough of good things about her; her knowledge, energy, professionalism and kindness are just some of the traits I love about her! I can’t imagine her not being in my life now. I am beyond grateful for her and I highly recommend her and all of her services. 
Thank you Rikki, you are truly a blessing!
Danielle, South Jersey

“Before I first started working with Rikki, I was skeptical (at best) that she would be able to do much to help me. In the last 10 years I have seen 7 different therapists and specialists from marriage counselors to psychologists, psychiatrists, ADHD specialists and life coaches. While I do feel they helped me understand myself better, I still felt lost, hopeless and like I was missing something. My husband and I have been teetering on the edge of divorce for about 2 years, and although we never pulled the trigger, I wouldn’t say things were improving. This was despite weekly and sometimes bi­weekly couples therapy, an IMAGO retreat, intense one­-on-one therapy and countless self ­help books and articles we referenced regularly. I lived every day for almost a decade feeling like I was in the wrong life. I worked in medical device sales and despite making a lot of money, I hated it every day. I wasn’t working as efficiently as I could have been and was in danger of losing my job, so I blamed my ADHD and unhappy home life for this. I blamed the stress of my job for the fact that my marriage was failing and also used it to blame myself for not being the Mother that I wanted to be. I blamed my ADHD for my marriage failing as well, and this all added up to a giant heap of guilt I threw on myself, every day. This tangled mess just seemed like a little too much for a life coach to help me sort through.

Well, I was wrong. Honestly. I know this sounds too good to be true or too far fetched or embellished… but it’s not. I never thought someone could help me through my problems so quickly, because to me each problem was its own separate and deeply seeded issue that would take years of therapy to understand, let alone “fix”. This is where Rikki is different. She’s not a therapist. Her job isn’t to guide me to the problem so I can figure it out myself during an ‘aha’ moment. She was able to pinpoint my problems and explain why my own subconscious was holding me back. It wasn’t my husband, or my job, or even my ADHD. She helped me to see that I’ve always sought approval from people and then held them accountable for my own happiness. She helped me see that I put my own happiness in the hands of other people and then blamed them for not making me happy. She somehow gave me the ability to accept who I was, for the first time in my life. She was the first person that made me think about and literally write down my principles and core beliefs. Before that I was sure I had none, since I seemed to take on the principles of whoever I was around at the time. In turn, Rikki helped me understand who I really am for the first time in my life. I am struggling to put into words what that really means, but I will forever be grateful to her for what she’s done. I’m not saying therapy never helped, but Rikki was the only person that was ever able to make a noticeable and lasting difference in my life by truly changing the way I see myself. She used the Five Elements to help me understand myself and my tendencies so I could be aware of why I was doing certain things. She literally put my own happiness in my own hands for the first time in my life.
I can’t say enough amazing things about Rikki as a person or a life coach. She is one of the few people that really cares about others. She is someone who truly changed who I am, my way of thinking and therefore my life and I am forever grateful for her help. I would recommend her to literally anyone, and plan on doing just that.”
-J.M., Baltimore, MD

“Rikki is an incredible life coach. From her knowledge to her demeanor, she is perfectly suited to counsel and guide. Rikki has a wonderful way of honing in on the root of the setbacks that leave us feeling weak, sad, and frustrated. She empowers and enlightens with her common sense approach. One can immediately use the tools described in her coaching and apply them to every day situations and events. I am thoroughly impressed by her caring, yet strong nature. She is able to detach herself from the subject at hand yet convey empathy and ultimate understanding. I was able to come to conclusions about my actions and feelings (and ways to evolve into a more conscious being) because she asked the right questions and led me down the right path of self-discovery. Her method is very much one of accountability. To have control over one’s life (even when you sometimes feel it is all out of your control) is a priceless skill that must be practiced, and I feel I’ve sharpened that ability in my time with Rikki. There was not one area of my life that she could not help me decipher and work to mend. I feel confident moving forward and feel stronger than I ever have before. I would recommend Rikki to anyone with any level of need. She has a gift and truly makes the world a better place.”


-C.E., Durham, NC
Where do I start? I am a nearly 40-year old woman, who felt like life had always been beyond my control. Life acted upon me, and I was unable to make it unfold as I had always envisioned or dreamed of. It is not to say that my life is now dreamy, and I am leading my perfect inspired life. However, I am proud to say that I feel more in control of the direction of my life, and I am working on getting there. The changes have been small and subtle but have compounded into a greater life shift and outlook. 
Rikki was wonderful to work with. She’s very compassionate but will tell you straight what repeated life patterns or life contradictions she identifies through what you say. Also, her background knowledge of healing (acupuncture) and the five element philosophy is extensive which brings a very holistic manner to examining your goals. Thank you for everything, Rikki! Much love!
-Emily K., Pheonix, AZ
“I sought out Rikki’s help when I was feeling very out of balance, stuck, and heartbroken. I was experiencing emotional paralysis from depression and I wasn’t sure if anyone or anything could help me overcome these feelings. 
Rikki was very straightforward in our meetings. After a few sessions I gained insight to what was weighing me down, how I was enabling it, where in my body the energy was not moving and how that was causing such dis-ease in my mind and my physical body. I quickly felt lighter, less pain, the emotional paralysis was diminished, and the best part was I had such clarity about what I needed to do and move forward in my personal and professional life. I felt like a new person armed with the energy, wisdom, and certainty within myself to dive into the next chapters of my life. I am very grateful for Rikki and her talent to pinpoint emotional pain, and help alleviate it with her knowledge and intuitive healing ability.
I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Rikki!”
-S.G., Philadelphia, PA